Card Stunts


Card Stunts

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This is my complete close-up card act that was used to win a couple awards at FISM in 2000 and 2003. It was filmed live at the Magic Castle in front of real world audiences that were enjoying the notorious 10-drink minimum.

It’s extremely visual card magic that hits ‘em right between the eyes with speed, impact and mid-air acrobatics. Plus, you’ll learn to be more than just a “trick machine” with emphasis on a full show of ENTERTAINMENT.

HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING — The card box magically and mysteriously jumps out of your pocket and back around the deck—TWICE!

PHOENIX SPLIT  Four aces magically appear at your fingertips one at a time—with sleeves rolled up! You then dive into a dexterous demo of blackjack jugglery.

RESET WITH A HOOK — A jacked-up, nitro-burning demonstration of derring-do that masterfully motivates why the four aces change places with the jacks.

BOOMERANG CARD OF DEATH — A playing card shoots from the middle of the deck, high into the air, reverses direction mid-flight and plunges back into the deck—between two selected cards—with only one hand!

BOXSPRING — One at a time, the four aces sneak out of a completely closed and ungimmicked card case. Houdini would be proud.

JOKE IN THE BOX — Finally, “Card Under Glass” without getting your cards wet. The bone dry Joker jumps out of the deck and under the card box, twice. Then, instead of under, it sneaks inside the box!

G FORCE — An unsuspecting spectator selects the same card three times in a row. You top things off with a transposition that leaves them in vertigo!

REVELATION IN SPADES — When your OCD kicks in, you addictively find thirteen cards in a row—in perfect order!