Coffee House Conjuring


Coffee House Conjuring

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Wake up and smell the mojoe!

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Coffee anyone? 

If you’re not a java junkie, Gregory Wilson and David Gripenwaldt’s coffee creations will put you in imminent danger of addiction right around the corner — literally. With coffeehouses every you look, you can take impromptu advantage of these ubiquitous locations with: cups, straws, sleeves, napkins, sugar packets, stir sticks, coffee beans, gift cards, etc. 

With this DVD, you’ll learn . . .

  • Coffee Break: This is the number one trick that magicians talk about, and thank me for, all the time. Just like the classic toothpick in dinner napkin trick, this is an impromptu version with a stir stick and a pastry bag — all found in a Starbucks that takes two seconds to set up.

  • Stain Alive: You conduct an uncanny “inkblot” cold reading/personality test from a small coffee stain on a napkin.

  • About Face: You wipe a coffee sleeve with a napkin that’s around a cup and it turns inside out. You wipe it again to find it disappear and reappear inside the cup with a lid on it!

  • Sweet Nothing: You pour a packet of sugar into your fist and it vanishes — without a thumbtip. You then find the missing sugar inside the wrapped straw that you used as a pseudo magic wand.

  • Venti Diagram: You make two separate coffee circle impressions with your cup on a paper napkin and then fold it up. When you open the napkin, both circles are now “linked” together like a Venn diagram!

And that's just a start! You get a total of 12 impromptu coffeehouse miracles to freak out your coffee mates, that will convert you to the dark roasted side before you know it.

Cuppa Diem.


  • Coffee Break

  • Stain Alive

  • A Tall Order

  • Venti Diagram

  • Quarter Cup

  • Triple Shot

  • Sugar Substitute

  • Flick Stick

  • About Face

  • Sleeveless in Seattle

  • Sweet Nothing

  • My Cup Runneth Over