• Copper/Silver With Keys
  • Over 12 Bonus Routines
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Finally, a Copper/Silver that really makes sense.

How many people carry an American half dollar or English penny—especially at the same time? Exactly! Get FREAKEY and you'll be ready with a miracle in your pocket anytime, anywhere.

Two distinctly different house keys switch places repeatedly in a flashy five-phase, fast-paced, in-their-face, Monte-type routine—finishing clean in the spectator's tightly-clenched fist.

FREAKEY also includes a dozen more clever and captivating bonus routines by Mark Jenest, Danny Archer, Michael Weber, Thom Peterson, David Gripenwaldt, John Kennedy, and Max Maven.

FREAKEY comes complete with everything you need: The regular keys, a precision-crafted gimmicked key, an elegant easy-to-open key fob and an instructional DVD with numerous over-the-top, on-the-street performances.

Put FREAKEY in one pocket, HUNDY 500, POINTLESS and EXACT CHANGE in the others, and you'll be ready ON-THE-SPOT and OFF-THE-CUFF.

Bottom line, you’ll never leave home without it!