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Hundy 500

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After this release in 2000, there have been many versions:  Heiny 500, Handy 500, Hand Out 500, etc. But this is still the one I use as it’s done in two distinct parts that build on each other like a powerful one-two punch. Plus, it’s still (IMHO) the definitive guide to assembling the requisite gimmick.

For those who don’t know, HUNDY 500 is a full-throttle, turbo-charged, money miracle. This version of Patrick Page's modern-day classic is a transposition of five one-dollar bills into five one-hundred dollar bills!

Half the fun is experiencing the 10 different super-charged performances throughout Los Angeles: There are babes on the beach. Boyz in da hood. Cops on the beat.

This also includes a special "Multi-Angle Shifter" feature, which puts you in the driver's seat and allows you to switch at anytime between three different camera angles during the explanations—the edited version, overhead and from the front!

After the initial investment, you will carry and use HUNDY 500 everyday, so buckle up, hold tight and dash for cash!

"A bitch-slap to the brain!"
–Jon Racherbaumer
"This DVD is a shiny, polished thing of beauty... and Greg's routine is also quite wonderful."
–Paul Harris
"A masterpiece right out of Greg's main repertoire."
–John Kennedy