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On the Spot

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This is what I call “MacGyver Magic” that converts everyday objects into devastating weapons of deception. It’s a guerilla course in performing spontaneous sleight of hand—anytime, anywhere, under any conditions—with coins, watches, pens, keys, rings, napkins and lipstick.

The material is fully routined and strong enough for an entire night of entertainment at your next professional gig. You could walk in with absolutely nothing, yet still stagger and stun everyone with borrowed, ordinary stuff!

TICKER TAKER — A super simple and perfectly motivated watch steal that doesn't take tons of testosterone to perform. You’ll also learn how to repeat steal a spectator's watch over and over.

QUICK SILVER — A quarter disappears and reappears three times: in your eye socket (like a monocle), on the spectator's shoulder and finally under their watch!

SPONGE NAPKINS — The impact of a sponge ball routine with ordinary cocktail napkins. This goes beyond the ordinary sponge ball moves and has them reappearing in surprising places. There’s also a new concealment that will fool you and your spectators.

OPEN PALM COINS ACROSS — A clean and clever hand-to-hand translocation of three borrowed quarters. Better start doing your pinky-pushups for this incredibly fair handling.

HEAD TRIP — A Paper Balls over the Head routine with anything and everything: glasses, plates, and saltshakers—anything I can get my mitts on!! This routine alone is a postgraduate course in misdirection. Look behind you!

GLOSSY FINISH — A smear of borrowed lipstick penetrates a spectator's tightly clenched fist. This is perhaps the most motivated and natural routine in the series.

TOLL FREE — A close-up Miser's Dream that ends with an unexpected production of your watch—or spectator’s watch! Multiple methods ensure that nobody sees the same move twice.

99 CENT TRICK — Multiple coin vanishes topped off with a dizzying transposition. That's all I'm telling you.

FLORIDA KEYS — Ordinary keys and their key ring become a mini Linking Ring routine.

RING FRIGHT — You toss a borrowed wedding band into the air and stab it with your finger!

A QUESTIONABLE TRICK — A very convincing Copper/Silver transposition with the spare change in your pocket. Now you can perform Scotch and Soda impromptu!

PLAYFUL PICKPOCKETING — Rob your spectators blind and they'll actually love you for it!

RECAP REVISITED — This effect has apparently become a classic for its simplicity and impossibility. The new ending has you pulling the pen from the cap!

These are not just abbreviated quickies. They're complete routines with a beginning, middle and end—all shot live in the real world.