Pyrotechnic Pasteboards


Pyrotechnic Pasteboards

  • Uses a regular deck
  • From easy to advanced effects
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This DVD picks up where the best-selling Card Stunts left off.

Forget those mind-numbing, deal down, Uncle Charlie card tricks. This is fast and furious, in-your-face, card flaunting! Think Jackie Chan with 52 potential papercuts!

POINT BLANK — Greg’s reputation-making version of the Ambitious Card done with a completely blank deck. It’s a portable 5-minute piece of theater that ends up with the spectator’s signed card fused to your signed card!

FLASHBACK —This freaky 8-phase routine is done in reverse. That’s why you should take your standing ovation first, just to get it out of the way.

STRAIGHT A’S —When they see this four-ace revelation, you can forget about that friendly little poker game after the show.
LETHAL FOURS — Gentlemen, start your Elmsley’s! This is Wilson’s take on Williamson’s take on Garrett’s take on Victor’s 11 Card Trick.

CARDS TO POCKET — Greg’s razzle-dazzle version of this time-honored classic. To end, the entire deck jumps to your pocket—differently than Williamson’s or Edward Victor’s original.

FISM ACES — The aces shoot out of a shuffled pack like angry hornets and then boomerang back to you like… well, boomerangs. Oh, by the way, did I mention that the entire pack vanishes in the process?

With PYROTECHNIC PASTEBOARDS, you get all of this non-stop, action-packed commotion and more! Why wait till the Fourth of July for flashy fireworks? Break out your Bicycles and start blowing away your audiences—today!