Split Focus


Split Focus

150.00 200.00

Make your audience see triple!

  • The perfect opener

  • Precision-made gimmicks

  • Instant reset

  • Mostly angle-proof

  • Great close-up and stand-up


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The perfect everyday carry and use trick

Split Focus is a visually striking coin routine that looks like a Hollywood special effect. To look this good, it should take 10 years of arduous practice — unless you have the precision-made gimmicks, which do all of the hard work for you. In fact, the most difficult move is a false transfer!

When it hits the broader market in a few months, it will be $200. However, for a limited time, we're offering the lecture version of Split Focus for the $150 lecture price, until we exhaust our current supply.

Includes EVERYTHING you need to blow minds with just a few days of practice:

  • Online instructions for both two and three-coin routines

  • Three gorgeously hand-crafted gimmicked coins

  • The secret "retrieving/ditching device" to start/end perfectly clean

You have a choice of either Eisenhower or premium-replica Morgan Silver Dollars. 

This isn't a pre-order — it's an early access sale.

When Split Focus is re-released in several months, it won't just have new packaging. It will include new explanations along with multiple real-world performances so you can see and learn how to adapt the routines to various audience types and sizes.

If you purchase Split Focus now, the updated explanations and live performances will be automatically added to your online library as soon as they're ready and at no additional cost.